Thursday, 10 March 2016

Writing the Subquery in Laravel 5.2

Please follow the example below to write the the Sub Query on Laravel 5.2:
// NOTE: Please do not forgot add below line at the top to use DB instance
$result = static::select('id')
->where( 'id', '!=', $currentLevelId)
->where('level', '>', DB::raw("(SELECT level FROM " . $this->table . " WHERE id='".$currentLevelId."')") )

Will produce the below subquery:
SELECT * FROM `approval_levels` WHERE `id` != 2 AND `level` > (SELECT LEVEL
FROM approval_levels WHERE id='2') ORDER BY `level` ASC LIMIT 1
Another Example:
$data = DB::table("items")
   GROUP_CONCAT(items_count.price) as price_group,
   FROM items_count
   ) as items_count"),function($join){

Hope it helps!

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