Thursday, 12 May 2016

List of Laravel Artisan Shortcuts (Alias) for Windows and MacOS

I would like to share the list of command alias I have created on my local to minimise the keystrokes with the Team.

Please go to the project root location via command line and just copy the below line (one line string) and run it:

alias cda="composer dump-autoload"; alias ci="composer install"; alias cu="composer update"; alias bi="bower install"; alias bu="bower update"; alias gi="gulp install"; alias ni="npm install"; alias pa="php artisan"; alias pam="php artisan migrate"; alias pamr="php artisan migrate:rollback"; alias pads="php artisan db:seed"; alias pades="php artisan db-exporter:seed"; alias pamm="php artisan make:migration"; alias pamc="php artisan make:controller"; alias pammd="php artisan make:model"; alias t="phpunit"; alias dat="php artisan app:droptables"; alias ga="git add"; alias gaa="git add ."; alias gc="git commit -m"; alias gp="git push"; alias gs="git status"; alias gl="git log"

The detail of the above string shortcut is below (if you want other way, feel free to change it with your comfort):

alias cda="composer dump-autoload"
alias ci="composer install"
alias cu="composer update"

# Bower
alias bi="bower install"
alias bu="bower update"

# Gulp
alias gi="gulp install"
alias ggw="gulp && gulp watch"
# NPM alias ni="npm install" # Laravel alias pa="php artisan" alias pam="php artisan migrate" alias pamr="php artisan migrate:rollback" alias pads="php artisan db:seed" alias pades="php artisan db-exporter:seed" alias pamm="php artisan make:migration" alias pamc="php artisan make:controller" alias pammd="php artisan make:model" alias t="phpunit" # Laravel Custom alias dat="php artisan app:droptables" # Git alias ga="git add" alias gaa="git add ." alias gc="git commit -m" alias gp="git push" alias gs="git status" alias gl="git log"