Friday, 8 August 2014

Email receiving issue as Gmail and other servers throws all outgoing emails to SPAM Folder?

If your website has been previously been black listed due to a pounding of SPAM emails.

Well, I am sure you definitely backed the website to normal, however, if you may face the email receiving issue for all outgoing emails from the same server. Particularly, those sending email seems delivered smoothly, however, on receivers end, they emails may be marked as spam and thrown them to SPAM folders. This often happened with GMAIL and other few servers in my case.

To resolve the above issue, the following steps may be useful;

1. Check your website (server) IP address for blacklisting by searching on below websites and delist them from there or request them to delist your IP. Please refer few websites below for checking blacklisting;

2. You should consider publishing SPF and DKIM records for these domains. To do that, go to your cPanel -> Email Authentication -> Enable DKIM and SPF and copy the records into the Domain DNS Manager for your domain.

The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) 
is system allows you to specify servers and IP addresses that are authorized to send mail from your domain(s). This feature works to prevent outgoing spam messages. SPF should look like below;
v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ?all

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) 
is a means of verifying incoming email. It ensures that incoming messages are unmodified and from the sender from whom they claim to be. This feature works to prevent incoming spam messages. DKIM should look like below;
v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0XCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNAPCBiQKBgQDiZT6OFmmJWU/Bepyd54k3b48voH2RUzzQV7fp1vTTFGWXu72JSfBdq5ZgCMoETP/q1crHJ2ghT+X+97FVsuudY7D1Ejk6GuvleuUVQtbCfoqU11igcVqItcUttA30CSSL85riDztruFCh/1TU7SQuNNvLdoH8lcjNOWJBeAskqQIDAQAB;

If you had faced the same problem and resolved it, I would love to hear about that (comment me) here..

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