Friday, 16 November 2012

Install SQLYog with Wine in Ubuntu 12.04

First, download the SQLYog from here. Before that, make sure that you have already installed the wine into your machine, if you don't know how to install wine, refer to this link.

Afterwards, run the following command in terminal (use CTRL+ALT+T to open terminal).

wine /home/rc/Downloads/SQLYog-10.4.0-2-trial.exe 

Then, it should execute the .exe file, and just follow the SQLYog installation as like normally.
However, if you stuck with some error like below;
  wine is not owned by you , err msg.....

In that case, just run the below command (where rc is the shell user). Then run the above command again once the below command is successfully executed.

sudo chown -R rc:rc ~/.wine 

Enjoy !!!

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